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Palm Reading TOP 100: the most popular websites about Hand Analysis & Palmistry!

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 Palm reading is often described as is the art of characterization (popular in Western countries) & foretelling (popular in Eastern countries) the future through the study of the hands – via especially the palmar lines & signs. However, the truth is that palm reading is a much more diverse field than people usually assume. The service provided by a palm reader may differ significiantly!

The Palmistry Websites TOP 100 presents an overview of the most popular websites in the fields of palm reading, hand analysis, chirology, hand reading, palmistry, chiromancy, chirognomy, etc. All websites are presented by professional & amateur palm readers!

NOTICE: The rankings are based on internet statistics provided by Google (Page Rank), SeoMoz (Page Authority) & Alexa (Reach), and the stats are updated regularly – about twice a year. 

 Including the rankings for each of the six continents!



Written by martijnvanmensvoort

July 9, 2011 at 2:24 pm

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