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Hand shape & personality: extraverts have wider palms, introverts have longer fingers!

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Measurements on the hands of male and female extroverts indicate that wide palms + short fingers (typical for a ‘Fire hand shape’) is a typical combination seen in the hands of Extraverts (= high scorers on the Big Five personality dimension Extraversion). And long fingers + narrow palms (typical for a ‘Water hand shape’) are much more often seen in the hands of Introverts (= low scorers).

Interestingly, these multiple-perspective hand research findings confirm some ‘classic’ guidelines from the fields of hand reading – more details inside the article:

Extraverts have wider palms, Introverts have longer fingers

PS. Beyond the confirmation of the classic hand-shape theory (including elements from Kretschmer & Sheldon’s somatotypes), one could also say that these results have a NATURAL PRINCIPLE incorporated; for, when people grow older the personality tends to develop more towards introversion and the hands get narrower and more slender!

What is your thought… 

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November 17, 2012 at 10:56 pm

Palm Reading Books TOP 100: The Bestsellers ranked by Amazon Bestsellers Rank!

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How to recognize a good book about Palm Reading? Asking the experts in the fields of hand reading may result in completely different choices! But the sales statistics provides by Amazon provide an objective measure for the popularity of books about palm reading, hand analysis & palmistry.

The Palmistry Books TOP 100 presents an overview of the most popular books in the fields of palm reading, hand analysis, chirology, hand reading, palmistry, chiromancy, chirognomy, etc.

But not all books are written professional palm readers: quite a few of the most popular books have been written by authors who also write about many other topics!

NOTICE: The rankings are based on statistics provided by Amazon. In february 2011 presented a new ranking system and with a few weeks the first new update will be presented based on their new ranking system (the new average Amazon Bestsellers Rank was preceeded by the fomer Amazon Sales Rank). Afterwards the stats will be updated regularly – about twice a year.



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July 17, 2011 at 1:25 am

Palm Reading TOP 100: the most popular websites about Hand Analysis & Palmistry!

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 Palm reading is often described as is the art of characterization (popular in Western countries) & foretelling (popular in Eastern countries) the future through the study of the hands – via especially the palmar lines & signs. However, the truth is that palm reading is a much more diverse field than people usually assume. The service provided by a palm reader may differ significiantly!

The Palmistry Websites TOP 100 presents an overview of the most popular websites in the fields of palm reading, hand analysis, chirology, hand reading, palmistry, chiromancy, chirognomy, etc. All websites are presented by professional & amateur palm readers!

NOTICE: The rankings are based on internet statistics provided by Google (Page Rank), SeoMoz (Page Authority) & Alexa (Reach), and the stats are updated regularly – about twice a year. 

 Including the rankings for each of the six continents!


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July 9, 2011 at 2:24 pm

The Modern Hand Reading Forum celebrates it’s 1st Anniversary!

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In the summer of 2010 the ‘Modern Hand Reading Forum was founded as a place where (professional) palm reader experts, students & laymen can share their interests about hands. Last week the forum celebrates it’s first anniversary. A short overview of the developments inside the forum!

With over 700 members (almost 10% are palm reading professionals) and over 500+ daily visitors the Modern Hand Reading Forum became a place where assistance & expertise is shared 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The forum includes 40+ sub-sections, including: Questions & Answers (section II), Modern Hand Reading (section III), Hand Reading Resources (section IV), the History of Palmistry (section V), and Famous Hands (section VI).

The forum offers e.g.:

– Free assistance by some very experienced Palmistry, Hand Analysis & Chirology experts in the world!
– A rich history of sources, discussions and shared palm reading materials!

– And of course… a section devoted to Multi-Perspective Palm Reading! (Section III-b)

You can come and take a look inside the forum via:

PS. NOTICE: You can take a look into the forum without joining; if you would like to participate in the discussions your will have to join and become a member!!!

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June 28, 2011 at 11:11 pm

Multi-Perspective Palm Reading: discussions at the Modern Hand Reading Forum!

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Discussions about Multi-Perspective Palm Reading are available at the Modern Hand Reading Forum, see forum section IIIb:

Multi-Perspective Palm Reading – discussions

Beyond Multi-Perspective Palm Reading various other types of hand reading are being discussed at the Modern Hand Reading Forum, including: Psychodiagnostic Chirology, Elemental Chirology, Life Purpose Hand Analysis & Vedic Palmistry.

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May 9, 2011 at 11:00 pm

The philosophy of Multi-Perspective Palm Reading!

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What discriminates ‘Multi-Perspective Palm Reading’ from all other approaches in the field of hand reading? The unique characteristic of ‘Multi-Perspective Palm Reading’ is that it only includes hand markers which have been confirmed to have significant value according scientific studies.

In Multi-Perspective Palm Reading is the hand studied from 7 different perspectives in order to make an assessment for various specified themes – which can result in either a confirming- or prognostic ‘hand-diagnosis’. 

The philosophy behind Multi-Perspective Palm Reading:

The philosophy behind this new advanced type of hand reading can be described as follows:

“In Multi-Perspective Palm Reading, a reliable hand-diagnosis is only possible when a pair of hands displays ‘diagnostic clues’ in MULTIPLE perspectives of the hand. According Multi-Perspective Palm Reading a person typically requires to have ‘diagnostic clues’ in at least 3 perspectives of his/her hands, before one can speak of a solid, specified hand-diagnosis.

The application of this philosophy in the practice for making a hand assessment can be understood by studying the role of the simian line in hand diagnostics. In the 20th century the simian line (the most well known of all palm line variations: a.k.a. the single palmar transverse crease or simain crease) became known as a diagnostic marker for Down syndrome. However, during the past decades this uncommon hand marker was recognized as a ‘minor physical anomaly’ that has diagnostic value for other syndromes, diseases & developmental problems. But in order to specify it’s significance as a major hand line for the individual that has this characteristic in one or both hands, a study of the other perspectives of the hand is required!

The 7 perspectives used in Multi-Perspective Palm Reading:

In the following seven perspectives are required to be studied in order to make a thorough hand assessment:

1 – Palm Reading & the HAND SHAPE, including: hand index, palm shape, hand length, hand breath;
2 – Palm Reading & the FINGERNAILS, including: color, morphology, structure, growth;
3 – Palm Reading & FINGER MORPHOLOGY, including: length, 2D:4D ratio, variations in shape;
4 – Palm Reading & the MAJOR LINES, including: primary crease, secundary creases, accessory creases;
5 – Palm Reading & the DERMATOGLYPHICS, including: fingerprints, palm dermatoglyphics;
6 – Palm Reading & SKIN QUALITY, including: colour, structure, tone;
7 – Palm Reading & HAND MOTORICS, including: flexibility, motoric hand index.

Read more about how Multi-Perspective Palm Reading varies from other types of hand reading & modern palmistry via the Wikipedia section: Modern Palmistry: science & criticism

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May 1, 2011 at 11:55 pm

Palm Reading Perspectives!

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This ‘Palm Reading Perspectives’ blog will serve as new channel to explore the new perspectives that are rising from the rather unusual combination of ‘hand reading’ & scientific reports about hands (where certain parts of the hands are explored for etiological considerations, diagnostic purposes or serious prognostic speculations).

Therefore the word ‘palm reading’ is used here in the perspective of serious hand research, not used here in the context of the future prediction theories as described in traditional India palmistry.

Greetings from The Netherlands!

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April 26, 2011 at 11:12 pm

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